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MAS Power Generators are heavy duty, continuous duty cycle, mobile power stations. The first unit has been ordered by a company in, Kavieng New Ireland, PNG. The gensets are designed for ease of transport, long service life and ease of maintenance. Despite being readily mobile they are long term solutions for remote power requirements such as Australia and PNG. Intended applications include mine sites, remote area construction, isolated developments, farms, islands or emergency power for disaster relief.

More than just a generator, each unit is a self contained power station constructed using modified shipping containers, making them extremely robust and not prone to damage from a cyclone or disaster. The units are incredibly strong, yet very simple to operate and maintain. Their construction from universal sized shipping containers allows the units to be easily transported via road, rail or ship, or even dragged by heavy machinery or landed by helicopter without damage.

Each set comes with special tooling for service and lifting equipment permanently mounted inside the container allowing major overhauls to be completed on site. The engines and alternators have been installed so as to provide maximum access for service.

The greatest feature of these units is their incredible simplicity. The Diesel Engines are mechanically governed and controlled. All electronic systems have been removed, the engine protection is via a customized stainless steel Murphy Gauge Panel using capillary inputs. All areas of the engine including the front of the engine are visible and can be accessed without the need to remove any part of the machine from the housing. Every area of design has been focused on ensuring that the machinery is so simple that any mechanically inclined person with basic tools can easily maintain the unit.

All aspects of the generator have been simplified and reinforced, particularly the cooling system which is generously oversized to ensure the unit can safely operate in the hottest environments. Units can be individually customized to suit requirements.

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